Msquared is located just 30 minutes outside NYC.  We are a small boutique rental house based in Parsippany New Jersey, focusing on the customer experience, and quality of gear. We also have a large insert stage with a 30' hard wall cyc, a green room and a front office area, perfect for any production's insert needs or smaller productions studio need.  We've had everything in our space from small local car commercials and corporate productions to insert shots for large major television shows, and feature films. 


We specialize in the latest LED equipment and rent Asteras, Skypanels, Digital Sputnik, Quasar, LitePanel and Kino LED units, we also have a large selection of HMI and Tungsten units as well as anything you'd need in the grip department including large VFX rags.  We strive to provide excellent customer service and gear for every rental so shoot us an e-mail at rentals@msquaredstudio.tv if you'd like to ask us any questions. 


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