Ala Carte Grip Rentals

Any Ala Carte Items can be rented individually or added to a package at a discount. Ala Carte items rented individually have a $50 minimum order. 


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Mombo Combo

Hi-Hi Rolling Overhead Stand

Combi Stand

Digital Combo 

Medium Overhead Roller

LowBoy Combo

Matthews Slider Stand ​


40" C-Stand (spring loaded)

40" C-Stand (Rocky Mountain) 

40" C-Stand (C+ Base)

20" C-Stand (Rocky Mountain)

Mini-Mini C-Stand ("Punky") 

C+ Stand Base 

2 Riser Beefy Baby

3 Rise Beefy Baby


Junior Offset Arm

Baby Offsetl Arm

Baby Tripple Header

Baby Double Header

Chain Vice Clamp

Duck Bill Clamp 

Gobo Head

2" End Jaw Matthelini 

3" Middle Jaw Matthelini 

6" Matthelini 

Maffer Clamp

Little Ben / Baby Grid Clamp

Big Ben / Junior Grid Clamp



2k/750 Adapter

6" Collar Pin

Matthews Lollipop

Manfrotto 244n Variable Friction Arm

Baby Plates

Junior Wall Plates

Junior Pipe Clamp

Baby Pipe Clamp

Baby C-Clamp

Junior Verticle C-Clamp

Hollywood Hanger

Speedrail Coupler

Modern 1 1/4" Pipe Spreader




Menace Arm

Swivel Cheeseboro

90° Cheeseboro ​

2x4 Wall Spreader

15# Shotbag

15# Sandbag

20# Sandbag

25# Shotbag

30# Sandbag

Various length Speedrail





4x4 Floppy

4x4 Ultra Bounce Floppy

4x4 Silk

4x4 Single

4x4 Double

4x4 Open Frame

4x4 Silver Lame Slip-on


2x3 Solid

2x3 Silk

2x3 Single

2x3 Net

2x3 Open Frame


18x24 Solid

18x24 Single

18x24 Double

18x24 Open Frame

18x48 Sold​

24x48 Solid​

24x72 Solid

24x72 Floppy



Overheads and Rags

6x6                         8x8                         12x12

6x6 Solid

6x6 Silk

6x6 1/4 Grid 

6x6 1/2 Grid

6x6 Full Grid

6x6 Bleached Muslin

6x6 Unbleached Muslin

6x6 Ultra Bounce

6x6 1/4 Silk (Black

6x6 Full Silk (Black)

6x6 Single Net

6x6 Double Net


8x8 Solid

8x8 Silk

8x8 1/4 Grid 

8x8 1/2 Grid

8x8 Full Grid

8x8 Half Soft Frost

8x8 Full Soft Frost

8x8 Unbleached Muslin

8x8 Bleached Muslin
8x8 SkyBlue Muslin

8x8 Giffolyn (Clear Poly Bounce) 

8x8 Ultra Bounce

8x8 Digi Green/Blue (reversible)

8x8 Digi Green

8x8 Chroma Blue

8x8 Soft Egg Crate


12x12 Solid

12x12 Silk

12x12 1/4 Grid 

12x12 Bleached Muslin

12x12 Unbleached Muslin

12x12 Ultra Bounce

12x12 Half Soft Frost

12x12 Chroma Blue

12x12 Chroma Greem


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