Lighting and Lighting Packages

Ala Carte lighting rentals and lighting package rentals can be added to any larger package at a discount or can be rented ala carte.  Packages are discounted vs ala carte rentals and based on what is popularly rented together. 



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LED                        Tungsten                   HMI + Fluorescent

Arri SkyPanel s60c 

KinoFlo Select 30

Digital Sputnik DS1

LitePanel Astra

LitePanel On-Camera Light


Astera Titans

Fiilex Q8

Fiilex Matrix



Dedo 100

Arri 150

Arri 300

Arri 650

Arri 1k

Mole Richardson 250

Mole Richardson 1k

Mole Richardson 2k

Mole Richardson 5k


Arri M18

Arri ArrisSun 1200

Arri 575

Joker 800

Joker 400


Kino Flo Image 85

Kino Flo 8' 2 bank

Kino Flo 4' 2 bank

Kino Flo 4' 4 Bank


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