Rag Packages

Rag packages can be added to any van package at a discount or can be rented ala-carte. If you need more of a certain rag or want to make a substitution let us know.

When you're ready to book head over to the Reserve page.


6x6 Package - $90/day

The package includes:

2x 6x6 Modern Studio - Collapsable Frame

2x 6x6 Solid

1x 6x6 Silk

1x 6x6 1/4 Grid 

1x 6x6 Bleached Muslin

1x 6x6 Unbleached Muslin

1x 6x6 Ultra Bounce


8x8 Package - $115/day

The package includes:

2x 8x8 Matthews - Collapsable Frame

2x 8x8 Solid

1x 8x8 Silk

1x 8x8 1/4 Grid 

1x 8x8 Unbleached Muslin

1x 8x8 Ultra Bounce


12x12 Package - $150/day

The package includes:

1x 12x12 Modern Studio - Collapsable Frame

1x 12x12 Solid

1x 12x12 Silk

1x 12x12 1/4 Grid 

1x 12x12 Bleached Muslin

1x 12x12 Unbleached Muslin

1x 12x12 Ultra Bounce

1x 12x12 Half Soft Frost


Ala Carte Rag Rentals

6x6                         8x8                         12x12

6x6 Solid

6x6 Silk

6x6 1/4 Grid 

6x6 1/2 Grid

6x6 Full Grid

6x6 Bleached Muslin

6x6 Unbleached Muslin

6x6 Ultra Bounce

6x6 1/4 Artificial Silk (black)

6x6 Full Artificial Silk (black)

6x6 Single Net

6x6 Double Net


8x8 Solid

8x8 Silk

8x8 1/4 Grid 

8x8 1/2 Grid

8x8 Full Grid

8x8 Half Soft Frost

8x8 Full Soft Frost

8x8 Unbleached Muslin

8x8 Bleached Muslin
8x8 SkyBlue Muslin

8x8 Giffolyn (Clear Poly Bounce) 

8x8 Ultra Bounce

8x8 Digi Green/Blue (reversible)

8x8 Digi Green

8x8 Chroma Blue

8x8 Soft Egg Crate


12x12 Solid

12x12 Silk

12x12 1/4 Grid 

12x12 Bleached Muslin

12x12 Unbleached Muslin

12x12 Ultra Bounce

12x12 Half Soft Frost

12x12 Chroma Blue

12x12 Chroma Green​


Other Sizes:

20x20 Solid

16x30 Silk


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