Starting a Rental With MSquared is Easy.

In order to start your rental follow the steps below and don't worry you only need to submit your COI, Rental Agreement and CC Auth Form once.

Step 1:

Select a package or gear from our Ala-Carte Listings and decide if you want delivery or if you want to come to pick your rental up.

So far... pretty easy.

Step 2:

We will walk you through what you need and send you a rental quote, if you want to get a jump on the requirements you'll find them in step three below.  Downloading and signing the documents with your initial request will result in a faster rental but isn't required. 

Step 3:

In order to fulfill your order, we'll need the following documents from you.

Certificate of Insurance

COI Requirements:

Must name as a Loss Payee:

Maddalena Media LLC. DBA MSquared Studio

343 New Road Suite 2

Parsippany, NJ 07054


Policy must include $1,000,000 USD in general liability

Must cover rented equipment exceeding the value of the order

For vehicles, must include a waiver of subrogation if providing your own driver.

Rental Agreements

Vehicle Rental Agreement (PDF) (if vechicle is rented)

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